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Austria, the ultimate European skiing destination – Part 1

Austria, the ultimate European skiing destination – Part 1

Europe, the old continent, is home to some of the tallest mountain ranges in the world: the Carpathians and the Alps. the countries which are crossed by these mountains have ample reason to rejoice, as the tourist industry blooms wherever a new resort is discovered. Today we are going to talk about Austria, the ultimate European skiing destination.

Though from the outside, to the untrained eye of a mere casual traveler, Austria may look sophisticated and a bit forbidding, it is actually a most welcoming country. And if the lavish architecture and high culture of Vienna seem a tad imposing to some of you, the lovely countryside, with its fresh air and honest people is in turn sure to conquer your heart.
Here are some of the most beautiful Austrian winter resorts, where you can practice all your favorite winter sports, particularly skiing.

Kitzbuhel is a lovely small town with a baroque air, a small-town center and winding quiet streets lined with pretty houses and villas. It is a truly beautiful place, one where you can relax and regenerate, but it is also renowned for the annual Hahnenkamm, a skiing competition that gathers the best downhill skiers.

Kitzbuhel is the place to learn skiing as well, on the other hand, so don’t think the slopes available are just for experts! It’s a family destination, as well as a sporting center and it’s always topped by list.

Named by many “the prettiest village in Austria”, Alpbach is the best place to learn to ski and to finally to put those new skis and sticks to good use. Many British people come here and the ties between Austria and Britain formed here actually go back to the Second World War, when Major Billy Patterson brought his army on leave here to enjoy the slopes and the fresh air.
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Join us again next time, as we discover other amazing resorts!