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Austria, the ultimate European skiing destination – Part 2

Austria, the ultimate European skiing destination – Part 2

Last time we met, we started discussing Austria, the ultimate European skiing destination. Today we are again here, talking about the most wonderful, quiet and breathtakingly beautiful skiing resorts in this Alpine country.

And the best way to begin is in Innsbruck, one of the most renowned skiing resorts – and one of the best cities in Austria in general, actually.It used to be a citadel in the middle ages, so there are things to explore there even if you are not there just for sports.

Sightseeing and cultural travel in this city is equally popular. Innsbruck, as opposed to other Austrian resorts, is not a simple vacation village. It is a big city with plenty of accommodation options, restaurants, institutions, blocks of flats where people live year-long… So really there are two sides of the town coexisting side by side.

You can even opt for a series of services in the city and you can venture outside the confines of Innsbruck with an Innsbruck Airport car rental vehicle.

Obertauern is another name that must ring a bell. It actually epitomizes all that is “posh winter entertainment”. Tournaments are held here, as well as international winter sports competitions, the slopes are always filled with people galore and the snow persists on the peak of the mountain long after it has melted in the rest of the realm.
Obertauern lies close to Salzburg, one of my absolute favorite places in Austria. In its turn, Salzburg may not be a winter resort, but it is a fascinating city to explore.

You can rent a car in Salzburg as well and go visit Mozart’s Geburtshaus (the birthplace of the brilliant composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), the Mirabel Gardens or take the cable car to the top of the hill and stop by the old medieval fort there.