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An unforgettable winter in Venice

An unforgettable winter in Venice

The city of love, the floating world of all lovers: Venice is a place where you simply need to take your lover by the hand and kiss. What we are trying to suggest here is preparing for an unforgettable winter in Venice.

Christmas and the New Year provide the perfect opportunity to get away from the cruel, cold world for a couple of weeks and take refuge in the floating ex-republic of Venice. It is a fascinating and beautiful place and a white Christmas there is an excellent opportunity to see all the fascination unravel before your eyes.
Here are some amazing facts about the most romantic city in Europe:

1. Kiss your girl on an arched bridge? No problem in Venice! The city has over 400 bridges, but some of them (more than 70, actually) are private. Don’t fret, though, there are more than 300 left to explore and walk!

2. We refer to it as “the island of Venice”, but in fact we are talking about a cloister of over 100 small islands.

3. Gondoliers are a symbols of town, along with their floating vehicles. The trade is inherited from father to son (or from father to daughter, more recently). In 2010, Venice got its first lady gondolier.

4. Do you ever wonder just how many people visit Venice? A lot, we can tell you that! Every year, 18 million travelers stop by the San Marco Plaza.

5. And what would such a romantic destination be without beautiful palaces to go with it? There are 450 “palazzi” in Venice.

If you are convinced, be sure to book your vacation there as soon as possible. You can book your transfer to Venice, as well as your Venice airport car hire.