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Alicante trip

Alicante trip

An Alicante trip will take you to the second-largest town in the Valencia region, but as opposed to what some may think, the place doesn’t live for tourism alone, it has instead managed to transform its rather rough past as a seedy port-town into a very attractive holiday destination for both Spanish and foreign tourists.

Even for those planning only a day-trip to Alicante, they might be interested in at least staying one night here just to experience the very frenetic and very Spanish nightlife.

However there are those who are not that interested in the nightlife, or for whom that is not their main goal while on their vacation, and Alicante is a great place to get some sun on one of its beaches, the most popular being Playa del Postiguet and Playa de San and they are reachable very easily with the help of some Alicante car hire services.

The culture vultures will surely find some interesting targets in the several museums that the town has to offer; for a relatively small town there are about four museums that are worth your time.

The Museum of Contemporary Art has been closed for many years, but the 17th century building that houses it has been renovated and enlarged, and now this wonderful museum can be visited again, featuring its excellent collection of 20th century Spanish art.

Then there’s also the Museum of Fine-Arts where you can find canvases starting from the Middle Ages to the 1920s, all of which presented in a stalwart 18th century mansion.

Alicante has been around for a long time, as evidenced by the excavations that have lead to the discovery of the Roman town of Lucentum, Alicante’s predecessor. The excavations have surfaced a wealth of pottery and one can easily make out the defined streets and the overall town plan.

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