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Edinburgh trip

Edinburgh trip

Any Edinburgh trip simply has to include a trip to the battlements of Edinburgh Castle, because that offers a great view of one of the continent’s most beautiful cities. The settlement developed across a bunch of rocky hills which overlook the sea, and the city has took this and made it its own, entwining its development with the landscape.

As such, you’ll find many buildings and monuments that are set atop crags while also in the shadow of taller cliffs. The medieval Old Town still survives, still reflecting the chaos of medieval urban planning. The skyline however is accented with turrets which can be seen almost drawing a line between Castle Rock and the palisade of Salisbury Crags.

The New Town on the other hand, is awash in neoclassical respectability, with all the columns, porticoes and pediments that come with that. It’s interesting how quickly your perspective on the town can change as you walk through it; it’s quite interesting and intriguing.

Edinburgh is also a place in which high culture and lofty ideas have been cultured – once called the Athens of the North – the city has served as a great inspiration for art, literature, philosophy as well as science. After all, this is where the world’s largest art festival pops into existence each summer.

But we are in Scotland, one must not forget this, so Edinburgh is also Auld Reekie, an almost completely different and much earlier place. A city of loud and crowded pubs, that flicks a finger at the pretentiousness of the literati. It’s an almost perfect opposite of Edinburgh, a place of beer-fueled poets and parties, late-night drinking, all-night partying and foul-mouthed comedians.

However the only way to see as much of both these cities – which make up Edinburgh – is with the help of our Edinburgh car hire services.



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