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A short history of Tenerife

A short history of Tenerife

The Spanish islands of Tenerife are today regarded as some of the most popular international tourist destinations, but what happened before they became popular for the sandy beaches and nightclubs? A short history of Tenerife may shed some light in the matter.

The first traces of settlement in Tenerife date back to the 3rd century BC, when the North African Guanches came to the island. The island would live secluded and quiet until 1496, when it was conquered by the Spanish, under  Alonso Fernandez de Lugo. He set out to abolish the locals, but was unsuccessful, since the Guanches were reputed fighters and managed to withstand the attacks.

During the future centuries, the islands were frequently visited by pirates, as Tenerife became a great trade port. In 1797, during the battle of Santa Cruz, Admiral Nelson lost his arm in battle.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife became the capital city of the Canary Islands in 1821, as declared by Madrid. Recent history has seen the links between the Canary Islands and the Americans become increasingly strong, so there has been immigration in both directions.

Today, the amazing history of the Tenerife and the cultural diversity here are elements that are all too often ignored when talking about these islands. But if people come here from all corners of the world for the warm weather, sun and nightlife (and also for the Carnival), it might also be important from time to time to remember that this place is a place that has seen history unravel and culture develop.

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