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5 Things to do in Milan

5 Things to do in Milan

Northern Italy is definitely a region you should not miss and one point of attraction that must make your top is a capital city of fashion, culture and style: Milan. Beyond pizza, ice cream and amore, let’s look into 5 Things to do in Milan!

The Duomo Cathedral of Milan, towering over the center of the city, is the largest Gothic church in the world. Started in 1386, construction here lasted for almost 5 centuries and is a must see in Milan, as well as an excellent point of orientation, as most of the other tourist attractions are conveniently located in its vicinity.

Shopping is one popular activity in Milan, especially since fashion plays such a pivotal role in the city’s life. There are designer clothes, brand shops and boutiques everywhere, coloring the grand piazza and rendering it modern as well as stylish. But perhaps the greatest shopping hub in town is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the world’s oldest – and arguably most posh – shopping mall, built in 1867. The floors are mosaic and marble and the spacious constructions reminds of the old amazing British Crystal Palace. Among the most prestigious shops here, you can “visit” the Prada shop, the first to open here in 1913, but also the newer Armani and Gucci.

You can spend a musical, high class evening in Milan at the famous Scala Opera House and Museum, a Mecca for musicians are music lovers from all corners of the world. Inaugurated in 1778, the building may look rather unspectacular from the outside; but what happens inside as the music begins to play is pure magic.

From May to October 2015, you can visit the Expo Milano World’s Fair in the north-western part of the city. Built in the form of a futuristic town with stands and pavilions featuring fun, culture and food, this is a site you should put on your list.

Finally, Milan is something you need to savor in itself, so taking a walk through one of its parks or getting a Milan car rental to drive around is probably the best way to sample sheer life in this amazing city!