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A tip to make your trip to America a success

A tip to make your trip to America a success

A visit to the city that never sleeps, an evening walk down the romantic, European-like streets of Louisiana, a photo with the Statue of Liberty, a stay in a purely American quiet town – if living the American dream can’t be the reality of everyone, there still is traveling there for those who can dream far enough, so here’s a tip to make your trip to America a success.

The American Visa is a very well known requirement, and an obstacle for some of those seeking to come to the United States of America. But here’s the tip: there is another way of traveling to the US. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization is a program that offers an esta waiver authorizes international travelers to come to America without a visa. The esta waiver requires an application for the authorization and paying a fee.

The system is not very difficult and it is important to be familiar with it if you wish to travel to America, because now the ESTA visa waiver program is required for all those seeking to enter the country by sea or by air. You need to fill in an online application, after which you will receive an email with your unique number of visa waiver. If you are traveling with your family, you will need to make individual applications for each member.

For a given fee, the waiver allows you to spend up to 90 days at once in the US. The waiver is valid for 2 years. So this is a solution in case you don’t have a visitor’s visa.
Apart from the application for the esta waiver, you also need to be a citizen of the countries that are members of this program, you have to possess a valid passport and a return ticket. The purpose of your travel must also be either business or pleasure.