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10 great cities with great beaches part 2

10 great cities with great beaches part 2

February has just started, we still have quite a bit of winter to slog through in most of Europe – and the northern hemisphere in general – so let’s take our minds away from what just beyond our windows for a few moments and think of 10 great cities with great beaches far away.

Tangier, Morocco

Tangier is positioned in one truly extraordinary place, right on the northwesternmost tip of Africa, it faces Europe on one side and Africa with the other. New political leadership has meant general clean-up of the place, both literal and figurative. The beach sparkles, the hustlers are off the streets and believe it or not, even the taxi drivers are more polite. A new and stylish Tangier is starting to rise and more and more travelers are starting to discover the delights of its beaches, whether it’s the waters where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean or hopping on a camel to see de sand dunes, this is a place on the up and up.

Sydney, Australia

One shouldn’t be surprised that his city makes the list, after all Bondi is considered by many to be one of the world’s great beaches. It is the closest ocean beach to the city centre and features constantly busy waves thanks to the foaming swells of the Pacific that break where the ocean hits the land. Due to its positioning, this beach is indeed very popular and as a result rather crowded but don’t think for one minute that this is the only beach that Sydney has to offer. All you have to do is hike over the heads and that will bring you to Sydney’s Northern Beaches: Coogee, Brotne and Cronulla.

Valencia, Spain

Situated along Spain’s Mediterranean coast, Valencia offers a bunch of choices to all manner of beach-enthusiasts. There’s a promenade connecting the various beaches which is dotted with a bunch of cafes and restaurants and nearby you can find a bunch of very lively bars and discos more than ready and willing to fill your night with beats.


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