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Top 10 hiking trails on the planet part 1

Top 10 hiking trails on the planet part 1

Spring is still a bit off, but one can never plan a nice hiking trip too early in the year, so let’s take a look at the top 10 hiking trails that this wonderful planet of ours has to offer. we’ll be talking about some of the classic treks from around the planet but make no mistake about them, all of them require a very sturdy pair of lungs, an above average level of fitness and a similar level of preparation.

France – GR20

This is a massive trek, normally taking about fifteen days to complete the 168km through the Corsican legendary landscape. During this adventure you’ll go through and see, forests, granite moonscapes, craters, glacial lakes, peat bogs, torrents, snow-capped peaks, maquis and plains. However as you might imagine from this incredibly short description of the trail, it can get rocky and steep at times and also includes a few bridges and slippery rock faces.

Peru – Inca trail

This is the 33km ancient trail that was laid by none other than the Incans and is nowadays traversed by thousands of visitors each year. The trail starts in the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu and winds its way up and down and around the mountain, crossing three high passes during all of this distance. The views while on the trail are breath-taking, white-tipped mountains and high cloud forest mix to create a surreal experience – it’s understandable why the ancient civilization built their sacred city here.

Mali – Pays Dogon

Africa in general is filled with a plethora of mind-numbingly beautiful regions, but ‘the land of the Dogon people’ is one of its most breathtaking. Trekking through this region can take anywhere between two and ten days, it’s a wonderfully diverse and out-of-time type of setting offering you the view of old abandoned cliff dwellings cut into the soaring cliffs, and then the visiting the still inhabited Dogon villages which dot the cliffs. The Dogon are well-known for their masked stilt dancers and their carefully carved doors and pueblo-like dwellings.


Even though we’re talking about walking trails here, keep in mind that you’ll still have to get to and from them to your accommodations and then to the airport, so keep our worldwide car rental services in mind.