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Events in Costa del Sol in August 2015

Events in Costa del Sol in August 2015

As the name suggests, the sun never seems to falter in Costa del Sol, making it an idyllic and ideal holiday destination during the months of summer, but not only. With us having entered the last month of summer, there’s still plenty of time to plan a seaside holiday.

If you need a bit more activity during your vacation, here are some events in Costa del Sol in August 2015 that are worth looking into.

Summer fairs and festivals are something very personal, very specific about Spain and about this particular region. They take place throughout the entire summer and most towns and villages have their own specific “feria”. The tradition of fairs started in the middle ages, when this was the main way to exchange local products in the kingdom.

Today, fairs render a particular color and a sense of continuity and tradition, set in a modern context. The fair is officially opened with a fireworks display. Dates vary, as well as periods. In smaller towns, fairs begin mid-week and last through the weekend, while in larger cities, the fun starts on Saturday or on Sunday and can take an entire week, with the Monday after the end of the fair usually free for the locals to “recover” after the fun.

There is another event that marks the month of August, the Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos, particularly popular in the Andalusian provinces of Almeria and Granada. The celebrations tell the stories of the battles between the Christians and the Moors during the Reconquista. Today, Spain is at peace with its mixed legacy and wishes to celebrate it in a manner that attracts much tourist attention.

Other, more modern, events are also scheduled in Malaga for this month. One of them is the Cycling Tour of Spain in Malaga, which is going to take place between the 22nd and 24th of August 2015. This international event attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.

If you want to take part of any of these amazing events, be sure to have your tickets and you Malaga airport transfers vouchers prepared: time is running short!



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