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Copenhagen trip

The capital of Denmark fights for top billing as the most wonderful city in Scandinavia, in a very close fight with Stockholm. What started as a small fishing hamlet in the 11th century has steadily become one of the most important cities in the region, and in Europe.

Denmark is a very large place, which combines old-world charms, with new and brave architecture, to create a very cosmopolitan ambiance, and a feeling of confidence in its future.

The city and its people have changed with the times, there are now many more cafes and restaurants than there used to be, and the locals are learning to appreciate them more. This is an important mention to be made because the inhabitants of Copenhagen only used to eat out on special occasions, and nights out were usually restricted to Friday and Saturday; but nowadays, even on a wet Tueday in February you’ll still find the cafes and bars abuzz with patrons, all of which create the all-important hyggelige, or cosy, atmosphere which creates a uniquely Danish sense of wellbeing and conviviality.

The experience of seeing Copenhagen is something very special, it’s interesting how the tourists noticed the allure of its great historic canals, copper spires and cobbled squares, before its inhabitants have, but it has become so much more than that.

Copenhagen is looked upon to offer some of the best examples in design, architecture and fashion, not to mention what can only be described as a culinary revolution taking place in this rather cold and damp environment.

Denmark’s capital, despite its canals, offers a very sort of earthy experience, it is clean and safe and most the inhabitants speak at least good English.

As we mentioned earlier the place is rather large, and as all other major cities in the world it is made up of various and distinct districts, each of them featuring particularities unique to them, each of them offering a special type of experience for the traveler. You can spend many days exploring just some of them, and still not get close to the entire picture.



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