World’s best treks with the best views (part 4)

World’s best treks with the best views (part 4)

It’s pretty hard to make a definitive list of the world’s best treks with the best views, what we’re doing here is more of a mentioning of some of the highlights available out there, the planet is pretty big and beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

Druk Path Trek – Bhutan

Rhododendron trees, sparkling lakes and steep valleys, all of which and more are nestled beneath the peak of the Himalayas. This is a landscape that will simultaneously feed your sould and fill your camera’s memory card. The dramatic terrain aside, you cannot also appreciate the subtle and rugged beauty of the nomadic yak herders and the seemingly always-smiling people of Bhutan.

The trek is also host to Bhutan’s most sacred of Buddhist sites, perched high up al 3870, on a precipitious hillside – this is where you’ll see the 10 temples of the phajoding monastery, a stunning cluth of white walls and red roofs.

Rennsteig – Germany

This is Germany’s best-kept hiking secret, having been used by traders and messengers since the 14th century. It is a 168km route that winds from the centre of the country along the ridge of the fairytale Thuringian Forest, encountering medieval towns, river-filled vallyes and mountain peaks along its length.

Hiking the entire path will take you six days or you can just walk any section in isolation because most of the stages are easily accessible by bus.

The Milford Track – New Zealand

Featuring a whopping 54km of crystal-clear lakes, lots of abundant birch trees, verdant forests and a plethora of ice-carved valleys. It becomes obvious why this is one of the New Zealand’s most famous hikes. The canyons are complemented by temperate rain forests, while the wetlands work incredibly well alongside the nine switchbacks that take you to the 1070m MacKinnon Pass summit.

This concludes our list of world’s best treks with the best views however, keep in mind our worldwide car hire services when planning a trip to any of these places.