Destinations for June (part 2)

Destinations for June (part 2)

The month of June is almost upon us so it’s time to continue our list of destinations for June.

Salvador de Bahia – Brazil

Just in case you’re heading to Brazil for the World Cup in June, you may want to spend a few extra days soaking up the sounds of Salvador where African, Portuguese and indigenous South American cultures both collide and blend into a wonderfully vibrant atmosphere.

This is Brazil’s third-largest city and first capital of the Portuguese New World, featuring a stunning blend of colourful colonial architecture, gleaming churches and cobblestoned streets.

Starting from 10 June onward in Slavador, you’ll have your choice of festivals, including the Festa de Santo Antonio, in which young women pray to the patron saint of matrimony hoping that they’ll find a husband. Make sure not to miss the Terreiro de Jesus, Igreja e Convento Sao Francisco nor the very vibrant historic centre of Pelourinho – a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Also just outside Salvador, there’s the splendour of the Atlantic Ocean at the Praia Porto da Barra beach.


The month of June spells festivities for Macau with feasts and fetes crowding up the calendar. Thanks to Macau’s diverse colonial history there’s a mixture of traditions and religions, such as the Dragon Boat Festival, in which rowing teams race very elaborately decorated dragon-shaped boats across Nam Van Lake.

Between 14-22 June they celebrate the Lotus Flower Festival in which streets and temples overflow with wonderful blossoms and lotus features on many menus.

15th of June also marks of Na Tcha, a day on which a fog of incense wafts through the streets as a statue of Na Tcha, the Taoist god of protection, is paraded with dragon dancers making a bunch of noise.

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