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World’s best treks with the best views (part 1)

World’s best treks with the best views (part 1)

Considering that spring is very much installed itself in most of the Northern Hemisphere it’s the time to look at where to get the best treks with the best views.

West Highland Way – Scotland

This is by far Scotland’s most famous long-distance walk and features the best highland scenery that the countryside has to offer. It’s a combination of elegant Munros, barren moors stretching to the horizon and back-and-forth switchbacks.

Some consider the best viewing spot to be at the top of the elongated Conic Hill, from here you can see the sparkling Loch Lomond. You’ll be trekking through an entire section of the National Scenic Area of Ben Nevis and Glencoe.

This trek will go about 155km between Fort William and Milngavie and it will take five to nine days and this is the best time to tackle it, between May and October.

Uran Chirripo Loop – Costa Rica

Located in the very heart of the Talamanca Mountain range, the Chirripo National Park is home to this wonderful trekking opportunity. Allowing you to literally walk through several ecological zones with loads of biodiversity. You’ll get to see wonderful old-growth forests with trees towering over the canopy and then move to the bare paramo landscape with lots scrubby trees and then onward to the grasslands dominated by highland wildlife and the lush cloud forest.

You’ll also get to climb Mount Chirripo and once there you’ll be rewarded with one of the most incredible views possible, you’ll see on one side the Caribbean and on the other the Pacific ocean, wonderful.

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