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Costa Rica trip

Costa Rica trip

Going on a Costa Rica trip it will be taking you to a country that is considered the Switzerland of Central America. It has garnered this reputation thanks to its comfortable lifestyle and peaceful democracy as well as its natural beauty.

The fauna is fascinating, the water is great and the overall beauty is staggering, it is a peaceful oasis in a tumultuous region.

The country is that much more fascinating when you put things into perspective. Prior to 1950 about half the country struggled with grinding poverty, so much so that living beyond the age of 50 was something of an achievement in itself.

Nowadays less than one in five Costa Ricans lives below the poverty line and the life expectancy is on par with the USA. Considering the increase in the quality of life all throughout the country, inhabitants tend to be rather self-content and quite passive when it comes to politics, but there is quite a bit of pride and support for their unarmed democracy as well.

As far as activities to engage in while on your Costa Rica trip, there are lots to choose from, those into the more adventurous pass-times can surf, hike, snorkel or go wildlife spotting. The incredibly varied topography also means that one can be going through a cloud forest one day, then visit an active volcano the next day and then relax on a sandy beach.

The boom in tourism has made the place less cheap than it was, but more chic. So this means that classic destinations will now be more often-times crowded and this has lead to the local culture being lost or simply cast aside.

Nature will always take the brunt of human development but in Costa Rica the ecologists and locals are vocal and vigilant about their natural treasures and take their protection seriously.



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