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Wales trip

Wales trip

On a Wales trip what you’ll possibly notice most of all is the Welsh spirit of hardiness against adversity. For the entire history of the country, its people have had to fight against several waves of invaders seeking to conquer the land and its people. However, as these invaders found out, the Welsh aren’t big on bowing their heads.

Nowadays, that spirit is still quite alive and quite vibrant, with Welsh arts, film and above all, rock music are taking the old idea of the Welsh as desolate pit villages, lovespoons and teashops.

Like any other place on the globe that wants to survive and even thrive in the modern world, Wales have found a way of keeping their history and traditions alive while also finding new ways for the culture to express itself, and this mix of tradition and new world sophistication is one of the country’s biggest assets.

Despite the hedonism of Cardiff’s gourmet kitchens and hip hotels, the country is still a wonderful outdoors location, so those who are into hiking and mountain biking are surely to love it. The scenery offered by the coast is always a big attraction, and the pounding surf, sweeping beaches and limestone cliffs are always there to amaze and fascinate.

You can choose to explore the urban side of the country or go more traditional and tour villages with impossible to pronounce names and then settle down at a cosy pub for a pint of the local ale, and an opportunity to see the actual life of the Welsh.

Since we mentioned Cardiff, one of the things that you will definitely have to see while there is the Cardiff Castle, this is the United Kingdom after all, castles are part of the package pretty much.

Wales is a pretty large place, it is a country after all, so you could only hope to see as much of it as possible with the help of our United Kingdom car hire services.