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Valentine’s Day in Venice

Valentine’s Day in Venice

Just as soon as we’re safely settled into the mundane confines of the new year’s routine, we smell love in the air. Valentine’s Day in Venice can be a dream come true for many lovebirds. But let’s see what that entails.

The celebration of all lovers is just another excuse to shop… and travel. Widely regarded as one of the most romantic places in the world, called “the capital city of love” by some, Venice is a dreamy place, crossed by streams and lagoons with old bridges and a maze of winding cobblestone streets.

Every couple of lovers will take an emblematic social network photo in the Piazza San Marco and sip a cup of Chianti wine in one of the taverns in town. Here are a few places you simply can’t miss while in town:

1. The majestic Gothic construction, the Doge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale). The inside of the palace is just as impressive and among many artifacts, you can see largest oil painting in the world, Tintoretto’s “Paradise”.

2. A picture at the Canal Grande, the largest boulevard in Venice, is a must. Be sure not to have your pockets “checked” by pick-pocketers, though!

3. A trip to the nearby Murano, where the famous glass has been produced for centuries, can prove both fun and entertaining. Not to mention the lagoon boat trip there is so romantic!

As for the grumpy Valentine’s Day haters, who (legitimately) claim to place substance over appearance, we must admit they have a valid argument: February and March are in full “flood season” in Venice… so a romantic gondola ride just might turn out not to be quite so enjoyable. But even if it rains, the city of Venice is beautiful and the good news is you can always employ a Venice airport transfer.