Travel destinations for getting some ink (part 4)

Travel destinations for getting some ink (part 4)

Today we’ll be finishing out look at travel destinations for getting some ink, with our last three stops, the first one being in Tahiti.

Tahiti – French Polynesia

This is the place where tattoos come from, or better said, where the word ‘tattoo’ comes from. It stems from the Tahitian ‘tatau’ which means ‘to strike’. Long ago, someone took a comb with teeth made of sharpened bone, dipped the tips into some organic black ink and then used a second stick to tap it into the skin of another. The sound that produces was ‘tat tat tat’, hence the name.

Obviously nowadays tattoo guns are used however some still practice the old-school method, however this is more expensive obviously because it requires other people to stretch the skin while the artist pokes you.

Delhi – India

The Indian mehndi is quite similar to the Moroccan henna temporary tattoo which we talked about in an earlier article. These are orange-red tattoos that last for a few weeks or so however they feature paisley, peacock and other flowery designs more densely than the Moroccan ones. Women will usually henna their hands in a very elaborate ceremony before getting married, the groom’s name being written somewhere within the pattern. The idea is that if he can’t find it, then the bride will have control in the marriage, or so the story goes. Most if not all beauty parlors have mehndi artists on staff so getting one while there shouldn’t be a problem.

London Tattoo Convention – England

London has been inked from ever since modern human societies existed here, with the oldest known name for Britain’s inhabitants being ‘pritani’ or ‘the Painted People’. However, as far as modern times go, British sailors were those to carry on the custom of wearing tattoos and also one of the reasons why tattoos were associated with the more rowdy individuals.

About 20,000 people stream in for the London Tattoo Convention interested in both visiting the exhibits as well as take place in the tattoo contests.

Visiting any of these places can be made that much more enjoyable if you employ some car rental services.