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The most unusual beaches on the globe (part 1)

The most unusual beaches on the globe (part 1)

We’re closing on the middle of May and it’s not rare for one’s mind to drift off to the summer holiday that is only a couple of months away in most cases. While we’ll talk about some other types of summer holiday destinations here, today we’ll start to look as some of the most unusual beaches that you can visit, for a bit of variety.

Bowling Ball Beach – California

This beach is characterized by ‘round rocks’ and this might not sound like a real reason to visit this particular California beach, especially when you compare it to green sand or vanishing tides that the coast offers in other places. But take our word and check it out, because once you get there and see the ‘bowling balls’ just sitting there like a giant’s game on the sand, it gives you a weird type of thrill. The rocks, that have been smooth and rounded by years of tides are best seen at low tide, they’re weirdly round and regular and are clustered together as if someone placed them there. The truth of the matter is that these rocks were surrounded by softer rock which washed away many moons ago, and these just withstood the battering of the waves and became what they are.

Glass Beach – California

Overlooked by some cliffs, this place was at one time a very convenient dumping ground for Fort Bragg’s garbage. This is a place where up until the late ‘60s people would hurl their refuse, including things like old cars and appliances straight off the cliffs and into the oceans. Once the authorities stopped these activities, nature took over and over the following decades the sea managed something of a magic act. The glass refuse has been turned into smooth and shiny pebbles which make the beach look something like a gem shop, definitely a sight to see and not miss.