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Travel destinations for getting some ink (part 3)

Travel destinations for getting some ink (part 3)

We’re continuing our look at various places around the world that make for some great travel destinations for getting some ink, there are still quite a few to go through so let’s get cracking, first stopping in a couple of place in the US.

The Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth, Las Vegas – USA

This is a massive tattoo show, held in Las Vegas each year and is certified with a Guiness World Record. This is where more than forty thousand customers get tattoos from massive international artists whom you’d otherwise have to travel oceans to get a session with. If you’re looking to get inked while in America, schedule your trip for the Vegas Tattoo Show.

Miami – USA

This is quite possibly the most tatted-up city in the USA, it has about 24 tattoo parlors per 100,000 people. This is quite possibly the reason why tattoo reality TV got its start here. Miami Ink was the first show of this type and it was so successful that it spun off into LA Ink, London Ink and NYC Ink. It’s a good place as any to get some ink.

Amsterdam Tattoo Museum – The Netherlands

Opened very recently in 2011, the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum displays enough relics of the art to earn the nickname of ‘Tatican’. This is where you’ll see the first electric tattoo machine dating from 1891, preserved pieces of tattooed flesh – slightly weird, some very painful-looking tribal implements and many more. For those who want a memento of their visit there’s the gift shop, and for those who want a memento that they can carry with them for the rest of their time, they can go up to the second floor where the resident artists will ink your skin.

We still got a few destinations on our tattoo travel itinerary, but till then keep in mind that all of these destinations can be more easily explored with the help of car rental services.