Top travel destinations for rock’n’roll enthusiasts

Top travel destinations for rock’n’roll enthusiasts

Today we’re starting a look at travel destinations but with a bit of a thematic twist, we’ll be looking at the top travel destinations for those many lovers of rock’n’roll music. And today we’ll start our look with some European destinations.

Madrid – AC/DC Lanes

Even if AC/DC is a Sydney-based band – and there is an ACDC Lane in Melbourne City – we’re talking about a similar happening in Madrid.

Named in 2000, the AC/DC Calle (Street/Lane) in Madrid, well better said in Leganes, which is part of the greater Madrid conurbation, is well known for the fact that fans of the band often steal the street sign – who wouldn’t?

Montreux, Switzerland – Lake Geneva

This lake has a place in rock’n’roll history for being the inspiration behind Deep Purple’s classic “Smoke on the water”.

It all started in 1971 when after a Frank Zappa show at the Montreux Casino that ended  with a fire caused by a clown shooting a flare gun – yes, you read that right – Roger Glover, Deep Purple’s bass player was inspired to write about the event, and that’s how the song came to be.

This is also the location of a funny Freddie Mercury statue because Queen bought a studio here in 1978.

Kavarna, Bulgaria – the ‘Metal’ mayor

While not exactly a destination with any sort of historic weight to it, the little town on the rugged Black Sea coast called Kavarna benefits from the leadership of a mayor who has a statue of Dio on his desk and ‘Hells Bells’ as his ringtone. Since he became mayor in 2003, Tsonko Tsonev has made it a city policy to paint murals of metal stars on the gray, Stalinist housing blocks so as to attract bands and tourists to what is becoming an increasingly popular summer metalfest.

We’ll continue our look at these sort of destination in articles to come, but till then keep in mind that some worldwide car hire services will not only be a good idea, but actually suggestible in order to visit these places.