Top travel destinations for rock’n’roll enthusiasts (part 2)

Top travel destinations for rock’n’roll enthusiasts (part 2)

There will be several articles in this series of rock’n’roll centered travel destinations and today we’ll continue looking at a couple of them, all of them in London.

Oasis’ Street

We’re talking about Berwick Street in Soho, a street lined with record shops which served as the cover for the bratty Oasis’ Morning Glory album from 1995. You get to see the setting of the album cover as well as check out some of the shops, totally win-win for any Britpop lover.

Denmark Street

Staying in London, this time to Tin pan Alley which has musical origins that start sometime in the 1730s. The Street is famous for being home to Regent Sound where names such as the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix or Phil Collins made their first recordings. The Kinks sang about the cynical side of the music business in their ‘Denmark Street’ and the Sex Pistols lived on the street in the mid ‘70s. the place is still lined with the guitar shops that Dylan looked at in ‘Don’t Look Back’, as well as hand-drawn want ads for ‘non-pretensious bass players’ – typo and all – and the like.

Ziggy Stardust Alley

David Bowie fans – who still exist, despite being a bit older – will rank the London alley called Hedden St. as their top destination. This is the location where Bowie-as-Ziggy propped a foot by a stack of garbage on the rain-wet sidewalks under the glow of a sign. Actually that particular cover will be reproduced for the anniversary edition of the album that will be launched soon.

Waterloo Bridge at dusk

This is the setting for the Kinks’ ‘Waterloo Sunset” from 1967 which pretty much makes a walk n a gray dusk over the bridge something of a mandatory ritual if you’re in London.

Visiting all of these places in London will be made that much easier if you employ some London car hire services.