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Working holiday jobs (part 1)

Working holiday jobs (part 1)

There is one approach to holidaying that we haven’t really talked about here yet, and that is the idea of working a holiday job, meaning that you’ll be working – sometimes in a foreign country – during your holiday. This approach can not only help you get to know a place better, but also help finance your holiday while you’re on your holiday. So let’s talk about some options in this regard.

Leading tours

Leading tour groups is a great way to go sightseeing in a foreign country – or even your own. You’ll get to work with locals and learn about the particular place’s history. This job won’t pay that well, sure, but by signing up with a tour operator you’ll be getting free accommodation, return air fare and usually meals will be included in the contract as well.

Teaching English – or some other language

Teaching your native language can be a great way to spend part of your holiday. We mention English because odds are that if you’re reading this, you can teach the basics of the language that is still in huge demand all over the globe. If you happen to have some formal teaching qualifications and/or some experience in the field, then you can make a veritable career out of teaching in foreign places. Teaching English can also pay very well and then you can come home after a year of work in places like Japan or South Korea with a bunch of money.

Au pairing

This is probably one of the better and coziest ways of immersing yourself in a foreign culture. Depending on where you’re going, it may not pay very well, but you’ll most definitely get to master the place’s language. There are some requirements for this particular job, you basically have to love children, and ideally be a single young adult with no dependents.

Working in ski resorts

This option is much less of a job and more of a lifestyle of sorts; a lifestyle that implies skiing all day and partying for most of the night. There are lots of opportunities to work in ski resorts but the competition is also very stiff because the pay is usually good, and even if it’s modes it’s still really cool for snow sports lovers.