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Top international motorcycle routes (part 2)

Top international motorcycle routes (part 2)

international-motorcycle-routes-800wiWe still have quite a number of international motorcycle routes to visit in our article series, so let’s fill up our tank and start on the road.

Cote D’Azur and Provence

The Cote d’Azur is world-renown for its glitz and glamor, while Provence is known for rustic homely elegance. Normally the two don’t have very much in common, but when you get on your bike and start from Nice you can experience the very best that both these regions of France have to offer.

You’ll go from fine beaches and through several French Riviera towns to then heading inland and see France’s picturesque towns of Provence, which are easily accessible to all sorts of road travel. From this place onwards you can go in many other directions to the west or to the north, lots of options.

Rome to Istanbul via Greece

This is a massive trip along the Mediterranean coast and allows you to visit the cradle of Western Civilization from one point to another of the ‘old world’.

By starting from Rome, you can head south to Positano and then continue to ride through the Apennines to the town of Alborebello. Then you can go to nearby Bari where you can take a ferry over to Greece, where you can start a whole new adventure island-hopping to Olympia and Athens. You can then take a second ferry to Turkey, where a route is highlighted in the north of the country which passes through the Boz Mountains. Once you navigate this challenging area, the trip to Istanbul will almost feel like a breeze.

The countries on this route offer an abundance of narrow country roads and very winding highways so this can only make the experience for bikers that much more fun.

So whether you prefer the French route or you’re more interested in the Italian-Greek-Turkish option, these are some great options that you can also navigate just as easily with the help of local car hire services.