Top international motorcycle routes

Top international motorcycle routes

motorcycle-routesThere’s a lot to be said about cruising the world on two wheels, and that’s not part of our mission statement here, but we can talk about some of the top international motorcycle routes that one can undertake as part of a truly adventurous holiday.

Alpines and Dolomites

Starting from Munich, Germany, you can start on a tour of the Alps through Austria and then continue into the Dolomites of Italy. The allure of this route is the wonderful mountainous terrain, as well as the challenging mountain passes, the hairpin turns and zigzagging back roads. Also you can find plenty of stops at many of the ski towns that straddle the mountain ranges in both countries.

The length of the trip will depend exclusively on how much distance you’ll want to ride each day, but you can expect for it to take anywhere between five to seven days. The beautiful stops will surely make it longer, especially if you’re fond of mountains.

Chile and Argentina

We’re shifting continents for our next entry, to none other than the South American country of Chile, a wonderful place from where you can tour the towering Andes and their dangerous mountainside roads.

You can crisscross between Chile and Argentina and resting your bike at Osorno, San Carlos de Bariloche and Puerto Varas.

Usually travelers will start from Osorno and then take a windind route through the two neighboring countries as they go through the Andes. The varying landscape can offer days upon days of exploration and challenges.

Sao Paolo to Rio de Janeiro

We’re staying in South America for the next route however, this one is in Brazil. The path starts in Sao Paolo, goes through the Serra Da Mantiqueira Mountains and then goes down to Rio de Janeiro. Through the 940-mile route you’ll see varying landscape as well as challenging hairpin turns and narrow highways.

Of course you have to realize that all of the routes that we’ll mention in this list can just as easily be navigated with a rental car.