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Top international motorcycle routes (part 3)

Top international motorcycle routes (part 3)

motorcycle-routesThere are still a bunch of international motorcycle routes for us to explore, so get your bike tuned, check your oil and your tyres and let’s get going.

Cape Town to Johannesburg

This time we go to South Africa for a route that is extremely unique and very demanding, definitely for the more adventurous bike enthusiasts.

The trip that we’re suggesting would have you go along the coast of the southern part of Africa, from Cape Town to Johannesburg, a route that will have you taking in the regional physical and cultural beauty. The route will have you going from some amazing seafront terrain and grassloands to canyons and then green valleys. You will first want to check out the ocean-hugging towns of cape L’Agulhas and Knysna; by then going northeast you’ll be stunned by the wonderful mountain terrain that the small Kingdom of Swaziland has to offer and then you zip past the country’s capital of Pretoria to reach the always bustling Johannesburg.

Australia’s East Coast

We’re abruptly changing continents now, going from the oldest known to modern man to one of the newest.

The entire surface of Australia is covered in incredible and weird natural wonders, whether we’re talking about geographical features or the peculiar flora and fauna, especially the fauna.

Starting in Melbourne, you’re general direction will be towards northeast, from New South Wales to Queensland. The route will take you on twisting roads that hug the Pacific Ocean and then on mountain routes and beachside roads. All of these are in very close proximity on this coast of the continent. There are lots of places to stop at such as the Yarrangobilly Caves and Heron Island, located in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. In order to get a better experience, you may want to double-back once you pass Brisbane in the north, because heading southwest along the coast will take you through some more challenging interior roads.