Top destinations for adventurous drinkers (part 1)

Top destinations for adventurous drinkers (part 1)

Drinking and driving is a massively bad idea however, trying out the local stuff when visiting a new place is a great way of experiencing the culture so here is a list of top destinations for adventurous drinkers.

Pivni Lazne Bernard – Prague, Czech Republic

Prague’s Pivni Lazne Bernarnd offers you a chance to actually bathe in premium Czech lager, you read that right, bathing in beer. This is something of a tradition in the Czech capital which dates back to the Middle Ages, when it was thought to be good for your skin. The great thing is that while you soak in the beer you can also drink a pint of the golden stuff and after that you can grab a massage in one of the spa’s special beds.

The Vines of Mendoza – Argentina

Argentina’s wine capital is a great place to be and the wonderful Vines of Mendoza, located in the middle of the city and serves up over a hundred different boutique bottles and of course they focus on wines from the area’s Uco Valley.

Billecart Salmon – Champagne, France

The Billecart Salmon is one of the famous region’s last remaining family-owned wineries and is a great place for those looking for a fancier way of taking in some alcohol. The location has a tasting room and you simply have to try the Brut Rose and then to take a tour of the dank, historic cellars, untouched since the 1840s.

Jura whisky tasting – Craighouse, Scotland

Islay is renowned for its stunning single malt, but the Isle of Jura offers a mean drop that’s well worth travelling for. You can check out a small distillery in the tiny village of Craighouse in order to learn about how the local whisky is made.

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