World’s best treks with the best views (part 3)

World’s best treks with the best views (part 3)

We’ll be continuing our look at the world’s best treks with the best views and as we’ve done in the past articles, we’ll be going all around the globe, starting with a cold one.

Laugarvegurinn – Iceland

The 53 kilometer hike will take you through glaciers, waterfalls, moss-covered lava plains, volcanic peaks, everything you’d normally associate with a nordic setting.

You’ll also encounter plumes of sulphuric steam that rise from the landscape, and the traverse which winds through the stunning southern highlands. The hike will take about four days and most people will start at Landmannalaugar and then hike south to stay at the five huts along the route. In case you’re up to the challenge, make the most of the midsummer 24-hour daylight and attempt the entire track in one day, although that’s for the fittest and conditioned of hikers.

The huts along the route are open from late June to late August and bookings are recommended.

Torres del Paine National Park – Chilean Patagonia

The W Trek is an up-down-up-down trek and one of the best ways of exploring Chilean Patagonia. Every day on the trek will bring with it a new set of breathtaking vistas which include glacial lakes, rugged peaks and a vast Magellanic forest.

The trail will take you to see the otherworldly Towers – three immense granite spires – and then offer you a glimpse of the onyx-tipped Horns – two spikes topped with the black rock.

Keep in mind that the Patagonian weather is unpredictable regardless of when you visit, but you may want to avoid the harshest months between May and September because you’ll need about four to five days for the trek.

Keep our worldwide car hire services in mind when planning to visit any of these places because even if you plan on hiking, you’ll still need to get around a bit.