Top British sightseeing spots 1

Top British sightseeing spots 1

For those who visit the British Isles for the first time, a list of the top British sightseeing spots might be just what you need.

The Tower of London

There is no way that this spot is not the first on such a list, the Tower of London is a place that mixes history, art and intrigue. The place was used as a prison for many centuries, and not surprisingly it has some very fascinating, and bloody, stories to share.

Some of the Tower’s both famous and infamous residents are brought to life to some extent thanks to its brilliant exhibitions, and this is also where you can see the world-renown Crown Jewels, as well as the infamous Traitor’s Gate and the ravens – of which it is said that if they ever leave the tower, London will fall, quite ominous indeed.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

This iconic cathedral has stood witness to many major events in the history of the country, including the state funeral of Sir Winston Churchill as well as the fairy-tale marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

A visit to this spot will almost instantly expose you to more than 1200 years of history, not to mention the chance to climb the 237 steps to the top of the quite spectacular Dome. Once reached, the top of the Dome will show you why the Whispering Gallery is so special.

An interesting side-note, the American Human Rights campaigner Martin Luther King once preached in front of Saint Paul’s.

Westminster Abbey

This is none other than the location of the most famous wedding of 2011, but even without that particular recent history, the place is still interesting to visit.

These are just three of the top British sightseeing spots that you can visit while on an England trip, rest assured that with the help of our United Kingdom car hire services, you can visit these and many more on your own time.