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Top 5 Museums in Nice

Top 5 Museums in Nice

The sunny city of Nice talks of a proud French history and of a tale of success and prosperity. One of the most visited French destinations, it is home to culture through its display of monuments and old buildings rich in history. Our Top 5 Museums in Nice is meant to serve as a short guide to a few spots you must not miss during your stay in this part of France.

  1. The Museum of Fine Arts  (Musee des Beaux Arts) is the modern version of the Municipal Museum of Nice built during the time of Napoleon III. Housed in an imposing 19th-century building, it features pieces of art from the 13th century onward, among which works by impressionists, modernists, Dufy, Rodin and Carpeaux. The entry fee is 10 Euro and all children have free admission.
  2. Musee Matisse, dedicated to the great painter Henri Matisse (1860-1954), is a tribute to his life in Nice and to his outstanding legacy. The museum is located in an idyllic environment, surrounded by the endless Mediterranean. The cost of a ticket (only required for adults) is also 10 Euro.
  3. The Archeology Museum of Nice is another “compulsory” stop if you like buildings and history alike. Antiquity, the Neolithic age and the lyrical Medieval time all come to life here for the same price of 10 Euro.
  4. Musee National du Sport is, as the name best explains, a museum dedicated entirely to sports and physical activities. A “new” museum built in 1963, it includes some 45.000 objects related to sports to admire.
  5. The Chagall Museum brings us back to the realm of arts and helps us delve into the onirikal paintings modernist artist of Marc Chagall.

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