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The most unusual beaches on the globe (part 2)

The most unusual beaches on the globe (part 2)

Today we’re looking at a couple more unusual beaches but we’re going farther afield today, we’ll stay in the U.S but go to its extremes of temperature and geography.

Prince William Sound – Alaska

This beach is located very close to the northernmost point of the Gulf of Alaska, it’s the type of region in which beaches start to look like something out of a sci-fi movie. There are tidewater glaciers spilling into the sea on one side, cold clear air on every side and mountain peaks at your back side. The waters are clear and the sand is its own shade of black, framed by green hills and blue ice, it’s truly otherworldly. Did we mention the wildlife? Well you can expect to see harbor seals, sea otters, whales, eagles and maybe a couple of bears.

Papakolea – Hawaii

Now this is the type of location that one might expect to find at least a few great beaches, but there are also a couple of unusual ones to boot.

This is the place where you expect to find either white or golden sands – and you do – but being volcanic islands they also mix in a bit of black, red and even green. Papakolea doesn’t glare like an emerald, but it does have a distinct green tint resulting from the olivine crystals deposited on the beach from about ten thousand years ago after a volcanic eruption. The crystal being heavier than the rest of the material around stay put while the others are washed away.

Chandipur – India

Finally leaving the American continent, we head straight for the Indian one, to visit a beach where the sea disappears, well sort of. At low tide the sea retreats for about five kilometers an unusually long distance hence why it’s such a weird thing to see. This offers a very unique kind of experience, allowing you to explore the sea-bed without any sort of under-water breathing gear.

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