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Thasos trip

Thasos trip

thasos-tripA Thasos trip will have you seeing one of Greece’s most gentle and greenest islands, located at ten kilometers from mainland Kavala.

The climate on Thasos will give you the impression that you’re somewhere in northern mainland Greece however, the island has some wonderful sandy beaches and a gorgeous, forested mountain interior.

Thasos is a popular destination for families as well as with the young people from the larger Balkan region of Bulgaria, Romania and the ex-Yugoslav republics. This is due to the fact that it is quite inexpensive by Greek island standards, and more-so at the current time with all the economic problems that the country is going through.

Independent travelers can get to Thasos quickly via ferries, whether they take the bus or employ some Greece car hire services, you can get there very fast.

The island has been inhabited since at least 700BC when the Parians founded the ancient city of Thasos, or Limenas, because they found gold at Mt. Pangaion, thus giving birth to a lucrative export trade sufficiently large to subsidize a naval fleet.

The gold is long depleted but the white marble is still being exploited, even though the quarries scar the mountainside in the process.

Thasos sights and attractions

Visitors to the island should come here for its natural beauty as well as its notable historic attractions. There’s an excellent archaeological museum in the capital Thasos – Limenas – which is complemented by the Byzantine Monastery of Arhangelou which is set on a cliff-top, as well as an ancient temple located on the serene southern beach of Alyki.

The best Thasos beaches are usually populated by tourists from mid-July to mid-August but rest assured that untouched spots still exist, especially outside the short high season. Since the island makes most of its living from tourism, most of the hotels will be lonely during the off-season with only a few hotels being functioning during the winter in the capital.