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Philippines trip

Philippines trip

philippines-tripA Philippines trip will take you through emerald rice fields, teeming cities, smoldering volcanoes, fuzzy water buffalo and really welcoming people.

Those who have visited other countries from mainland Southeast Asia will find that the Philippines are a bit of an odd nut. The country is overwhelmingly Catholic and vestiges of the Spanish era – which lasted for 350 years – can be seen in the exuberant town fiestas and unique Spanish-Filipino colonial architecture as well as wonderfully well-preserved centuries-old stone churches which overlook over bustling town plazas.

The people are simply Filipinos and they’re quite proud of it, welcoming, warm and relentlessly upbeat.

The Philippines consists of more than seven thousand islands and on occasion you’ll feel like you have them all to yourself, because there are some deserted ones. The average island in the region will feature jungle, mountains and sandy coastlines flanked or surrounded by aquamarine waters and wonderful coral reefs. These are just the basic features and you’ll find several variation on this theme depending on which island or islands you’ll visit.

Considering the large number of islands you can rest assured that you’ll find at least some islands that will fit into your interests, whether it’s lounging on the beach, snorkeling, swimming or water sports in general.

But keep in mind that a Philippines trip doesn’t have to be only about sea and sand, on the contrary, the opportunities of mountain trekking, kite boarding, spelunking or many other high-adrenaline pass-times abound, but considering its make-up, a large number of these do tend to be linked to the water in some manner.

We’ll talk in more detail about particular destinations within the country in the future, but till then consider some Philippines car hire services in case you’re planning a trip to the country, because you’ll surely want to see as much of it as possible while there.