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Stockholm trip

Stockholm trip

Sweden’s capital of Stockholm is regarded by many to be one of the most beautiful major cities on the globe. It’s a wonderful combination of saffron and terracotta-coloured buildings which actually shimmer thanks to the blue water and the blue skies of summer. They maintain their magic during the winter as well, when they’re covered with snow and lights. The place is also a very modern city, virbanr with sleek designs, edgy fashion and a nightlife that is world class.

While it’s not the oldest city in Sweden, Stockholm was established sometime in the 1250s, but ever since that moment, it overtook the older settlement and became a national center thanks to its location between the Malaren lake and the Baltic Sea.

The ‘old town’ part of the capital is a very compact maze of cobblestoned streets which contrast slightly with the red, orange and vanilla buildings that are populated by a plethora of souvenir shops and for some interesting reason, ice-cream parlours, while the tiny island is graced by the Royal Palace.

Just to the south of the ‘old town’ you can find an island neighborhood, called Codermalm, where you’ll find some lovely old residences located on high waterfront hills. The main streets here are lined with bohemian shops, art galleries and always populated clubs.

On the opposite side of the ‘old town’ you will find the modern city centre, where you’ll encounter the metropolis buzz of boutiques and restaurants that can be compared to that of any other major city on the continent.

Island neighborhoods are something of a norm here, considering that the surrounding archipelago is made up by about twenty-four thousand rocky islands.

As far as the inhabitants go, they can be almost jarringly police and friendly, all of them, which makes travel easy and rewarding, so that’s a great thing.

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