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Spanish regions 6

Spanish regions 6

Today we’ll be finishing our look into the Spanish regions with the last two left on the list, Navarra and Valencia.


The region of Navarra has borders with France, Castilla, Aragon and Pais Vasco and is crossed by a very worn pilgrimage route known as Camino de Santiago – or Way of Saint James – extremely rich in medieval monuments and ruins of walls and such.

Navarra is also the region where Pamplona can be found, the town that is world-famous for its ‘Running of the Bulls’ part of its famous festival, San Fermines which takes place in July, but there are also a variety of Carnivals which feature typical Zanpantzarrak.

The mountain range of the Pyrenees located to the north makes up some great landscapes, such as the Baztan valley. Then there’s La Riviera in the south made up of flat plains dotted with small lagoons and the fertile valley of the Ebro river, and then you venture into the Zona media, an impressive landscape of canyons. The region of Navarra has more than fifty natural preserves, most outstanding of which being the Reserva Integral de Lizardoia and Parque Natural de Senorio de Bertiz; this makes the region great for those vacationers who like to engage in more outdoorsy activities such as hiking, climbing or fishing.

The main cities of the region are Pamplona, Tudela, Estella, Olite, Roncesvalles and Artajona.


The region of Valencia features fantastic climate and more than five hundred kilometers of coastline. Besides being the name of the country’s capital, the overall region of Valencia is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, having been populated by ever since civilizations started to move around the continent. As such the region is dotted with the remains of Pheonicians, Greeks, Iberians and Romans. Some of the great monuments that you shouldn’t miss are La Lonja and the Miguelete as well as the Castillo de Santa Barbara.

Even if we finished talking about the Spanish regions, this doesn’t mean that we won’t return in future articles to them to talk about various features or location in detail. Keep our Spain car rental services in mind while on your trip there regardless.