Sights to look out for on your arctic holiday

Sights to look out for on your arctic holiday

Holidays in Iceland or elsewhere in the Arctic Circle can offer some of the most impressive sights

and experiences around. The crisp, cold weather sets the scene perfectly for unforgettable vistas

of snow-covered terrain, natural wildlife and local flavour. Whilst package holidays in the arctic are

usually arranged by companies like Transun, it can still be helpful to know what to look out for, in

case you miss something spectacular. Read on for an outline of some of the must-see attractions of

an Arctic holiday.


The aurora borealis are a sight famous worldwide for their beauty and splendour. The passing of

charged ions in the upper atmosphere cause the release of light, sometimes visible in vivid patterns,

painted across the sky in a multitude of shades and colours. Because of the clear night sky and

location close to the planet’s pole, Iceland and other Arctic countries are excellent locations for

spotting this most beautiful of natural occurrences. If you’re intending to spot the aurora on your

holiday, make sure to go with an experienced company who can pick the best times for a viewing;

Transun and similar specialist holiday companies have the experience and knowledge to guide you.

Whale spotting


In the frigid oceans of the Arctic lie a host of spectacular wildlife, but none comes close to the

spectacle of a humpback whale flicking its tail out of the water, mere tens of metres away from you.

Whilst sightings of these magnificent creatures aren’t usually guaranteed by travel companies, they

tend to have years of experience in finding ideal spots, maximising the chances of coming across

these ocean behemoths. The sight and sound of a whale breaking water as it hunts a herring shoal is

unforgettable, and as an added bonus killer whales often join them for the meal!


Geysers and hot springs


Due to its high levels of volcanic activity, Iceland is home to a great many of the most impressive and

luxurious natural features around. Geysers and hot springs are both caused by natural heating of

water by geological processes, resulting in massive gouts of water spewing from cracks in the ground

at regular intervals, as well as gently heated pools of mineral-rich water which travellers make use

of to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. Visits to both of these types of natural volcanic water feature

are included in many holiday plans to the Arctic, though to ensure your place it’s worth checking

bookings in advance.


Midnight sun


Whilst nations closer to the equator tend to experience fairly balanced levels of daylight and

darkness, local inhabitants of polar regions tend to be less fortunate, with long periods of almost

constant darkness followed by extended sunrises which can be a pain to live with. Their loss is

tourism’s gain however, as the world-famous midnight sun attracts visitors from around the world.

Perceived as one of the most romantic sights around, the midnight sun is something that must be

seen at least once in your lifetime.