Anyone for tennis?

Anyone for tennis?

Every year, around mid-summer, we buy our strawberries and cream, and possibly even a bottle of

champagne or Pimm’s. Then we settle back in our armchairs in front of the television, to watch the

annual tradition and spectacle that is the Wimbledon tennis fortnight.


Alternatively, if we’ve been lucky enough to have obtained tickets through the annual Wimbledon

ballot, then we might be at the All England Club itself, sipping our Pimms. However, although

anyone can enter the ballot, not everyone will be lucky. Luckily, Newmarket Holidays offer a

Wimbledon Tennis Break that not only guarantees entry to the grounds during the last weekend, but

reserves you a seat on one of the show courts, too.


The magnificent eleven thousand-seater No. 1 Court replaced an older one in 1997, and there are

plans for it to have its own retractable roof, just like Centre Court’s, by 2019. Your ticket will ensure

that you are treated to matches by veterans and juniors, enabling you to see stars of the past, but

just as importantly, to pick out future champions. You might even find some play on the outside or

practice courts, too.


Make the most of your day in this historic location. Take a stroll around the immaculately

landscaped grounds. You’re bound to spot a few celebrities, or perhaps you’ll be fortunate enough

to grab some signatures at Autograph Island. Check the Broadcast Centre for famous interviewees

(or even for familiar interviewers!). And it’s always exciting to hear the words “player coming

through”, followed by a bevy of officials surrounding…well, it could be anyone.


You needn’t miss the action while you’re doing this, either. Head to the big screen at Arongi Terrace,

and do what has become another Wimbledon tradition – cheering on your favourite from Henman

Hill (or whatever you prefer to call it!). Wimbledon Radio will keep you updated as you move

around, too.


Pick up your programmes at kiosks around the place, and choose your souvenirs in the Wimbledon

Shop. To get a sense of the history of The Championships, pop into the Wimbledon Museum.

Important exhibits include the kit worn by Britain’s Andy Murray when he won the men’s title last

summer (the first British man to do so in seventy-seven years – but you probably know that by now).

In the corridor under Centre Court, you can view his name on the list of previous winners.


You won’t go hungry, either. Outlets around the complex sell everything from snacks to meals, and

from ice creams to essential strawberries and cream. You can take your sandwiches back to your

place on Court One, or you could linger a while, and relax with that all-important Pimms and a jazz

band. In case we hit a hot spell like the one on Men’s Final day last year, drinking water fountains

are provided to refill those empty bottles.

Some people who are unsuccessful in the ballot opt to queue, but apart from the long wait (which

could last several days for finals weekend!), there’s no guarantee of entry. In a Newmarket Holidays

coach, you could sail past them all!