Getting up-close with Brisbane’s Cuisines

Getting up-close with Brisbane’s Cuisines

The close proximity to Asia and its similarities in access to fresh produce and seafood make Asian cuisine

among the most popular in Brisbane. In the CBD area alone, there are several restaurants to choose

from. One example is the Satay Club Noodle House in 66 Charlotte Street, Brisbane CBD. This restaurant

specializes in Chinese and Malaysian cuisines that tourists claim never disappoints when it comes to

food quality. It is no wonder how this restaurant had survived several years in the industry, despite

competition in CBD restaurants.


Belonging in the long list of special foods and cuisines of Brisbane is the good old European flavor. Italian

appears to be the most popular, though. Verve Restaurant Bar Cider House in 109 Edward St is a bistro-
style restaurant best known for their authentic Italian pizzas and pastas. If you’ve got some serious

Italian craving, you need to check out Pan E Vino in 124 Albert St., corner Charlotte, and Il Centro in

Eagle Street Pier, 1 Eagle Street.


A wide range of European cuisine choices are also filling up locals and tourists’ choices in Brisbane

famous cuisines. For your Spanish and Mediterranean classics craving, head to Moda Restaurant. For

those looking to sample European flavors with a hint of Modern Australian cuisine eccentricity, Tank

Restaurant & Bar at North Quarter Lane, Santos Place, 31 Tank Street is a must-try.


Another famous Asian cuisine restaurant in Brisbane is the Hanaichi Sushi Bar + Dining. This Japanese

restaurant offers some of the best sushi in Brisbane and has a great selection of tea. You can visit this

restaurant at L102, Wintergarden, 171 Queen St. If you drop by, notable dishes worthy of a try include

the Duck Laksa, Nasi Cap Cay, or the Seafood Kway Teow.


Make sure to include a few notable restaurants suggested here in your must-try list when you decide to

visit. For more information about Brisbane, check this out.