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Santander trip

Santander trip

Going on a Santander trip will have visiting a town that somehow manages to keep a balance between modern development and pretty beaches. As opposed to many other tourist destinations Santander has some rather shapeless suburbs to contrast heavily with the old-world El Sardinero area. Unfortunately this is so because a major fire consumed a large part of the city, but what has remained from the old centre is now a very lively source of entertainment for tourists and locals alike.

With the help of our Santander car hire services you’ll be able to visit a lot of the city so let’s talk a bit about the various attractions and sights that you could visit.

The Catedral de la Asuncion is the city’s cathedral and it is actually made up of two Gothic churches, piled one on top of the other. But most importantly is that both of them are very old, the upper church was built in the 14th century with a cloister being added in the 15th, and the lower church is from the 13th century which features a glass floor through which you can see excavated parts of Roman era Santander.

For those who enjoy sailing and seafaring in general then the Maritime Museum is definitely a good place to spend an afternoon, with four floors of exhibits, including an aquarium, the museum also works if you’re just interested in finding out more about man’s relationship with the sea in this region.

For those interested in visiting something other than old buildings and museums there’s the Peninsula de la Magdalena. The parklands here are great for a stroll and quite popular with picknickers and families. But even here you can find a great palace called Palacio de la Magdalena, which is actually the former royal palace.

These are just a few of the things that you can see and do in Santander, make sure that you’ll never be bored especially if you employ our Santander car hire services.



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