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Rome trip

Rome trip

Even though all roads may not be leading to Rome any longer, Italy’s capital is still a truly epic metropolis, bubbling-over with a cosmopolitan vibe and keeping strong links to its very rich and world defining past.

It will only take one visit to the place to get you hooked on its glorious monumentality, and it’s a characteristic that the city carries very well, probably thanks to the fact that it is rather used to it by now. The city’s inhabitants however, pass by their architectural heirlooms as if they were nothing more than simple traffic islands, it’s rather fascinating.

There are few things that are more interesting than seeing traffic jams around the Colosseum and priests with cigars walking the Imperial Forums, modern-day Rome has evolved in such a way that its history is part of its present-day life more-so than in other places.

Rome is one of the main places in Italy where the national penchant for aesthetic blends in with the unique urban scenery, thus making Rome simply cool just when looking at it and walking down its streets.

Many first-time visitors will find it extremely hard to choose which parts of Rome they’ll want to see. Because the sheer amount of historic and architectural monuments and sights that the place holds is staggering, and this doesn’t even take into consideration the fact that you could just as well spend your vacation just taking in the atmosphere and vibe of the place, enjoying a long lunch at a cafe while the sun bathes the entire place in a warm yellow light., or simply some of the many entertainment options that the place offers.

The choice of places to visit is simply to large to talk about here, suffice to say that every type of interest can and will be satisfied in this European capital, which was once the capital of the world more or less.


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