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Roman trip

Roman trip

A Roman trip, is a trip to a Romanian town that features a large number of mostly religious monuments, and for that reason, it’s a great destination for those who are interested in such sights, especially because there are also a few fortified religious sights as well, and those are always interesting to see, how defensive capabilities were combined with worship – but we’ll talk more on that note a bit later.

The town of Roman was documented for the first time in an external document dating from between 1387 and 1392, and then in an internal one on the 30th of March 1392, however, as is the case with many other major towns and cities in Romania, the settlement has been here for much longer than that. Considering the location of the town, at the meeting place of two major regional rivers, it’s not hard to understand this.

Being a rather small town the place doesn’t have a lot to offer per se, however it will keep you interested, for instance the Museum of Natural Sciences is one of those places, being housed in an architectural monument, a building dating from the middle of the 19th century, the museum has accrued quite a collection in its almost forty years of function.

In a similar vein there’s the Museum of History, located in the Nevruzzi House, yet another building from the middle of the 19th century. The building or House is so imposing that some called it the Nevruzzi Palace, after the name of its first owner, the man who built it. It is a wonderful example of Baroque architecture, featuring external decorations that divide the two floors from each other rather wonderfully.

Then there are of course the many churches, monasteries and such that can be seen in and around the town, your best bet being to use our Roman car hire services to see as much of them as possible.



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