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Excellent places to spend Halloween

Excellent places to spend Halloween

The celebration of All Saints’ Day with its modern, pop culture-dipped interpretation, Halloween, is going to be celebrated at the end of October, so hurry up and get your witchy hat and broom and your vampire fangs out of the attic as you prepare to bake a flavored pumpkin pie – or carve a jack-o-lantern!

But if traveling is what you want to do on this spooky, yet fun day, here are 5 excellent places to spend Halloween around the world. Hop on our magic broom and let’s fly above the sky to these destinations:

USA – didn’t see that one coming, huh? Well, have you ever heard of the Salem Witches Trial? The old Puritan American town of Salem, famed for the 17th century mass hysteria concerning false allegations of witchcraft and devilish acts, is a Halloween hot spot today. The Salem Witches’ Ball is the top moment of the Festival of the Dead held here.

Mexico. The Day of the Dead – or Dia de los Muertos, to the locals – is an exceedingly spooky celebration that lasts from October 31st ti November 2nd. The dead are celebrated and it is said that they return to the realm of the living for a while, to join in the coffin procession and other strange and a bit frightening traditions. We suggest renting a car in Mexico City instead of taking the coffin to town.

Ireland. This must actually be the epitome of Halloween destinations, as it was in fact the Irish who made the old traditional Samhain Night into today’s Halloween when they immigrated to America. The Americans soon adopted the spooky, yet colorful celebration. In Ireland, Derry City organizes the famous Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival, the biggest Halloween party in the country. For 9 days, there is fun, horror stories and movies, fireworks and parades. Don’t forget to bring your costume!