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Portugal Regions – The Algarve

Portugal Regions – The Algarve

Besides Lisbon, this is quite possibly the most well-known and most-associated name with Portugal, the region of the Algarve.

A massive length of coastline that is all about simple pleasures, relaxing holidays, sunshine and all-around having fun, the beaches of the Algarve are by far some of the best not only in Portugal, but the best in Europe, which makes this region a favorite of many Europeans.

The golden beaches are usually packed by both locals and tourists, especially during the summer when there’s a party mood all around the coast. However, considering the sheer number of beaches, you can surely find at least a couple that will not be very crowded, especially if you employ some Algarve car rental services to go from resort town to resort town.

Whether you’ll be looking for beaches that offer water-related activities, or some that are more family-friendly and quiet, or some that are more secluded, the Algarve has them all, and more, all you have to do is to check them out.

In the odd case that beaches and sun are not your main focus while in the Algarve, rest assured that the many charming coastal towns will mesmerize you with their Moorish architecture and lively ambiance, as well as the very vibrant nightlife.

The thing is, the Algarve offers pretty much any type of attraction that any one person might be interested in, including golf, one pass-time that is growing in popularity. The Algarve is home to a large number of top-notch golf courses which will satiate any golfer’s interest.

One other defining characteristic of the region is in its gastronomy, highlighted by the use of fresh fish and seafood, if you’re into seafood then this is the place for you, no doubt about it.

This article really doesn’t do the region that much honor, there is not enough space to talk about the many facets of the place, rest assured that while holidaying there, you will not be bored.