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Portugal regions – Northern Portugal

Portugal regions – Northern Portugal

Today we’ll start talking about the various Portugal regions that make up this wonderful Iberian country so that you have a better general idea of the region that you will be visiting.

And we’ll be starting from the North, which is rich with natural beauty, a lush region whose dramatic and unspoilt landscape can, and will, provide a most wonderful holiday. You’ll find medieval villages overlooked by historic castles in some of the most stunning mountain ranges that you’ll ever have the chance of visiting.

One of the major characteristics of this part of Portugal is the Duoro river, that extends from the Spanish border to the very charming, and quite popular city of Porto. The Duoro region is famed all around the world for its gastronomy and even more-so for its Port wine, because this region is amongst the oldest demarcated wine regions and it is also a World Heritage site.

All of these features combined, create an incredibly verdant landscape with terraced vineyards and massive estates, and while you’re in Porto don’t forget to visit the Port wine cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia to get a sample of the many varieties of the Port wine and the specialized tours will also teach you to notice the different special characteristics of each.

Possibly the best way of exploring this region in more detail is with the help of our Portugal car hire services, because with a car at your disposal you’ll be able to visit Porto and the next day you can go on a day-trip to immerse yourself in nature, maybe you’re an avid hiker and the mountains of the Peneda-Geres National Park will make for a great challenge. The Park is quite possibly the greenest region in the country, so the adventurous travelers will surely find at least one activity that they’ll want to engage in.