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Piatra Neamt trip

Piatra Neamt trip

Your Piatra Neamt trip will have you visiting what is considered by some to be The Pearl of Moldova, partly due to the wonderful geography and partly due to the great architecture that can be seen in an around it.

The city has been around for a long while; it is actually one of the oldest cities in Moldova, over two thousand years old actually, having initially been a Dacian settlement.

The mountain town, besides the upper mentioned characteristics, is also the second most important industrial center in the county and has seen some steady development in recent years.

History buffs, and especially prehistory buffs will have a unique place to visit here, the Museum of Cucuteni Neolithic Art features the largest and most varied collection of pre-Cucuteni and Cucuteni exhibits. The building itself is relatively old, having been built between 1928 and 1930 and features some very interesting ornamental sculptures.

For a more general look at the history of the region, head to the County Museum of History where you can see exhibits starting with the Neolithic age, then through the bronze and iron ages and so on. There are a few exhibits which are unique and characteristic to the civilization that lived in these parts.

But enough about museums, the town has other things to offer as well, such as its great skiing opportunities, the top of the Cozla hill and ski slope can be accessed by car as well as the gondola and ski lift. It has a nice constant and medium slope, great for all types of skiers.

For lovers of theatre there’s the internationally known and acclaimed Youth Theatre, which has spawned a plethora of great Romanian artists, but it is also one of the most dynamic, modern and daring theatres in the whole country.

All of these and much more can be visited with the help of our Piatra Neamt car hire services.



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