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Vietnam trip

Vietnam trip

vietnam-tripGoing on a Vietnam trip you’ll get to see for yourself the ravishing coastline and emerald-green mountains that often-times don’t get mentioned when people used to talk about this country.

It used to be that the country was mentioned only when referring to a particular armed conflict that took place then thirty or so years ago, but nowadays that is changing and the breathtaking national parks, the dynamic cities and the outstanding cultural attractions of the country are coming to the forefront, where they should be, not to mention one of the world’s best cuisines.

The Vietnamese nation as a whole is going places, and fast. The people are energetic, direct, sharp and resilient, they have to be to have gone through the war’s aftermath. The locals love both a laugh and a drink and you’ll have a bunch of opportunities to socialize with them. The signs of the war can still be seen, its impact still being felt to some degree regardless of where you travel throughout the country. But this also brings to the front the strength and resilience of the people.

Once you’re there you’ll find a wonderful and interesting mix of influences and reference point from the entire southern Asian region. Indian and Hindu culture have mixed for centuries here and you can find signs of this blend in the Cham temples and spicy regional cuisine. The more you head northwards the more Chinese influences you’ll find, however quintessential Vietnam is to be found in the central provinces where you find historic old ports, royal tombs, pagodas and imperial cuisine.

Those interested in panoramas won’t be let down by Vietnam, whether it’s the azure ocean pierced by surreal-looking limestone islands to the majestic inland karst mountains, the country will constantly astound you with its vistas.

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