Northern Europe stunning coasts

Northern Europe stunning coasts

Today we’re talking about some of the Northern Europe stunning coasts and we’re doing this because this idea isn’t something that one usually associates with Northern Europe.

People are very well aware of the shores of the Mediterranean in the various countries that span it, some of them are even aware of the rugged and less-developed beauty of the Black Sea shore, but just by looking a bit further north on the map and you’ll get a very interesting experience, even though you will need a sweater when you visit the regions in the summertime.

Poland – Pomerania

Now Poland is rarely on the list of sun lovers, however there are several beach towns located on the coast of Pomerania which are rather reminiscent of Monaco’s glamor and golden sands. The peninsula of Hel juts out into the Baltic Sea and it’s a very peculiarly beautiful stretch of white-sand beaches and pine forests – wind-surfers will surely love it.

A road trip across the coast will be probably the best approach to seeing the region’s offerings, and this is where some car rental services will come in very handy. You can start your trip in Gdansk and then make your way northwest and take in a bunch of the sights and landscape, quite splendid indeed.

Sweden – Halland

Sweden’s shoreline is truly remarkable, from the virtual ‘Riviera’ of Falsterbo to the very distant island of Hamneskar. But those looking for a different type of experience, you should head to Halland where you can actually soak up some rays and play a bit of volleyball on the beach. There are camping options near several towns and there are also some wonderful relics and ruins to visit.

Estonia – Saaremaa Island

Maybe not a place that many of you have heard of, but make no mistake about it, this fragrant Baltic Isle is very popular with those looking to be massaged, buffed and slathered in a variety of mineral masks. After a relaxing session at one of the spas you can take a stroll on the many cafe-lined streets and visit the 13th century fortress in Kuressaare.

These are just three examples of Northern Europe coastline places that you might not have been aware of, keep in mind that there are many more and all you have to do is just do a bit of research or read this blog for more information on others.