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Manchester trip

Manchester trip

A Manchester trip will take you to a huge city, considered by many to be the second city in both size and importance after London, the uncrowned capital of the North, however it does dispute that particular title with Birmingham, the jury is still out.

The city features a large number of rather fascinating museums which reflect the unique role that it played in the pioneering development of the Industrial Revolution, and you can still see many mementos of that around the city, however the inhabitants have managed to weave those into a very forward-looking program of urban development.

The Museum of Science and Industry is probably the first place that you’ll simply have to visit, occupying no less than 2.8 hectares of ground, it is located in the centre of what used to be 19th century industrial Manchester. The museum is located within massive brick buildings that have been stained by weather and smoke, and rusting cast-iron relics of canals, bridges and many others. This is a must-see for any individual interested in the history of the Industrial Revolution.

Manchester is pretty big on football, actually football is quite big here, since it is home to what is arguably the most famous football club in the world. Old Trafford, the club’s stadium acts as something like a pilgrimage site to millions of fans worldwide. The place itself is quite massive and worth a visit for football fans.

The Urbis is a stunning glass triangle-shaped building, a museum dedicated to the inner workings of the city. Three floors worth of walls are covered in very compelling photographs and interesting statistics as well as informative timelines, explaining various facts about the different people that made Manchester what it is today.

There are absolutely many more things to see and do in Manchester, rest assured you won’t be bored, but do employ our Manchester car rental services in order to see as much of the place as possible.