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Lisbon trip

Lisbon trip

A Lisbon trip will not only have u visiting Portugal’s capital, but Lisbon is also the country’s star attraction, located across steep hillsides which overlook the Rio Tejo, it offers its visitors a wonderful trip back in time but with less fuss than other European capitals.

The old quarter of the city is still very vibrant with life, the inhabitants of the capital filling its narrow and curvy tree-lined streets as they’ve done for centuries. The atmosphere of the particularly old Alfama neighborhood is something that you may not think still exists, with gossip being exchanged at the public baths or over some freshly baked bread and wine on the patio of a restaurants, all of this being imbued with the melancholic singing of fadistas – singers of fado music.

This atmosphere changes beats when you enter the district of Bairro Alto, where you’ll also find narrow streets which are heavily populated with restaurants and bars, but the music is much more diverse here, with Jazz, reggae and electronica sounding from various venues. This is very much a partying area, considering how the revellers will party till the sun rises, and as for nightclubs in general, you’ll find them scattered all throughout the city, making very intelligent use of the old spaces that Lisbon offers, be them riverside docks or 18th century mansions.

The experience of Lisbon is made up of so many and very different things, that they cannot be completely reflected in any article, regardless of size. It’s everything from enjoying a fresh pastry in a leavy plaza, to mingling with the inhabitants at a neighborhood festival to watching the sunset from an old Moorish castle. It’s all of that, and everything in between and beyond.

And these only scratch the surface of what Lisbon has to offer its visitors, rest assured that you won’t be bored during your trip to Portugal’s capital.

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